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For many carriers finding a truck driver they can really depend on is hard. There are many truck drivers out there but getting the one whose preferences match those of the company becomes really hard. For instance, you might find a driver with the qualifications and experience you desired but find that they want regular pay or they prefer local routes while you wanted an OTR driver.

With this in mind, finding a reliable truck driver is not only taxing it is also time intensive. It, however, doesn’t have to be. With Bulldog Marketing you are able to find the drivers you need with ease. This is because Bulldog Marketing has the best driver lead generation in the industry.

Why Should Carriers Utilize Truck Driver Lead Generation

Truck Driver Leads In Real Time

One of the many benefits with our driver lead generation is that it is in real time for our clients. This means that you do not miss out on any lead that could have turned out to be beneficial to you. With our truck driver lead generation, the leads are sent to you immediately. No more waiting for hours to get leads sent to you who could have been snatched by other carriers out there.

Why Work With Us?

We recruit truck drivers

We have professional recruiters in our organization who recruit our drivers. We therefore save you a lot of time and hassle of having to recruit all the leads that you get. This means that we can step in and help you convert the incoming leads so that when they are in contact with you they are ready for placement. You will be required to do so little and can get drivers quickly for your company.

We have a variety of truck drivers

We have a wide variety of drivers that can handle different types of haul, different routes, and accept different terms. We almost always find a perfect match for our clients. We really make recruitment of drivers easy and convenient. You can get local drivers, OTR, contract employment, permanent placement, temporary, contract-to-hire and so much more.


Find The Best Truck Drivers Fast?

If you are a carrier out there that has been struggling to get reliable and proficient drivers in the market then your problems have come to an end with Bulldog Marketing. We take driver lead generation to the next level by ensuring you can enjoy immediate leads and therefore you are able to follow up on them immediately.

We also recruit drivers on your behalf, simplifying the hiring process. Our system always gets you a driver that suits your profile perfectly. You will no longer have to let drivers go because they are not the right fit for you. If you are looking to establish a long term relationship with drivers for the benefit of your company then contact us today for the best driver lead generation.