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About Us

Bulldog Marketing is a unique driver recruitment and lead generation agency that matches CDL truck drivers jobs available based on your qualifications and preferences.

We strive at getting it right both ways by matching drivers to jobs they really want and carriers with the passionate and reliable drivers that will help their business soar. Our driver recruitment process is very personalized because we understand that not every truck driver wants the same things.

Our passion for this business is driven by the happiness of the truckers which is why our business is tailored to meet their needs. If you are looking for a lead generation company here is why you should consider us as a driver;

01. We Go Above And Beyond

Everything we do here at Bulldog Marketing is aimed at ensuring that the truck drivers get the most suitable employment that they need. We aim at ensuring you get the job satisfaction that you need which is why we build relationships that last even after your job placement.

02. Honest and Integrity

We understand that being a truck driver is more of a lifestyle than just a career which is why we never promise something we cannot deliver. We ensure to get what you want and if not we are honest and true about it.

03. Professionalism

Our promise is to ensure drivers get jobs they are happy about and ensure our clients get reliable and qualified drivers that can they can engage for the long term. Contact us today.